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The Thames Editions

Thames Publishing, who are responsible for Lionel Hill's excellent memoir of his friendship with Moeran, Lonely Waters, also have the complete Moeran piano and solo vocal music in compiled editions. I understand these were put together for the 100th anniversary in 1994. They can be ordered from William Elkin Music Services.


The volumes are as follows, copied directly from the Thames Publishing catalogue:

Collected Piano Music - Volume One - THA 978562 £8.95
The Lake Island, Autumn Woods, At A Forse Fair, Stalham River, Toccata, Windmills, Elegy, Burlesque, Fields At Harvest, Dance

Collected Piano Music - Volume Two - THA 978703 £8.95
Theme and Variations, OnA May Morning, Two Legends, Summer Valley, Bank Holiday, Two Pieces, Two Folksong Arrangements

Whythorne's Shadow (Piano version) THA 978401 £3.95

Collected Solo Songs - Volume One - THA 978564 £9.95
In Youth Is Pleasure, The Merry Month of May, The Sweet o' the Year, Blue-eyed Spring, Weep You No More, Four English Lyrics, Diaphenia, Rosaline, The Monk's Fancy, Invitation in Autumn

Collected Solo Songs - Volume Two - THA 978704 £9.95
Mantle of Blue, Twilight, Two Songs, Three James Joyce Songs, Four Shakespeare Songs, Six Poems of Seamus O'Sullivan, If There Be Any Gods

Collected Solo Songs - Volume Three - THA 978613 £9.95
Ludlow Town, Four Housman Songs, Four songs from 'A Shropshire Lad'

Collected Solo Songs - Volume Four - THA 978706 £9.95
Two Robert Bridges Songs, Two Sociable Songs, A Dream of Death, The Day of Palms, Come Away, Death, Troll The Bowl, Maltworms, Seven Poems of James Joyce

Collected Folksongs - Volume One - THA 978563 £9.95
Six Folksongs from Norfolk, High Germany, The Sailor and Young Nancy, The Little Milkmaid, The Jolly Carter, Parson and Clerk, Goal Song

Collected Folksongs - Volume Two - THA 978706 £9.95
(Medium Voice)
Six Suffolk Folksongs, Songs from County Kerry

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Orchestral Works
Symphony (1924-37)
Violin Concerto: 1 2 (1937-41)

Cello Concerto (1945)
Sinfonietta (1944)
Serenade: 1 2 (1948)
1st Rhapsody (1921)
2nd Rhapsody (1925/41)
Piano Rhapsody: 1 2 (1942-3)
Lonely Waters: 1 2 (1924?)
Wythorne's Shadow: 1 2 (1931?)
In The Mountain Country (1921)

Chamber and Solo Works
Piano Trio (1920-5)
1st String Quartet: 1 2 (1921)
Violin Sonata (1923)
String Trio (1931)
Cello Sonata
Oboe Quartet: 1 2 3 (1946)
Piano Works
2nd String Quartet: 1 2 (?)

Vocal Works
6 Folksongs From Norfolk (1923)
Songs of Springtime
6 Suffolk Folksongs (1931)
Phyllida and Corydon (1939)
Other Songs 1 2

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Geoffrey Self - "The Music of E J Moeran"

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