The Moeran Photo Gallery - II


Later Pictures - Portraits

BBC Studio portrait with pipe

Studio portrait at the piano 1

Studio portrait at the piano 2

Studio portrait mid-40's 1

Studio portrait mid-40's 2

Studio portrait mid-40's 3

Studio portrait mid-40's 4

Studio portrait with pipe and music


Later Pictures - Informal shots

Moeran's wedding photo

Out with Peers

With Peers' Wolsey Hornet on honeymoon

On a hilltop

At Kenmare Bay

Moeran with Bax

Outdoor wide landscape shot

Leafy background, possibly Seer Green

With Lionel Hill's son

Outside with stick


Later Pictures - The Laurence Smith restorations

These restored pictures can be ordered as prints from Laurence Smith, who acquired them as part of a large collection of photographs taken by Moeran's friend and doctor, Dick Jobson, of New Radnor. Click pictures for more information.

Moeran - Self's book cover shot

Moeran looks over shoulder

Moeran solemn portrait

Moeran and Peers 1

Moeran and Peers 2

Moeran and Peers 3

Moeran and Peers 4


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