The Moeran Photo Galleries


I - Early photos - babyhood to late 1920's

These pictures show Moeran's earliest days, from this charming shot of the baby Jack sitting on his grandfather's lap in Bacton at the end of the 19th century, through his schooldays, to the years spent in the 1920's in the company of the likes of Peter Warlock, John Ireland and Constant Lambert.

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II - Mature photos - generally 1940's

These are grouped into three sections, with official portrait shots of the mature composer, informal shots of Moeran and his wife and friends, and a series of photos recovered and restored from the huge archive of Moeran's friend and doctor, Dick Jobson, by New Radnor photographic expert, Laurence Smith.

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III - Kenmare Picture Gallery - on the Moeran trail

A series of 33 shots taken around the town of Kenmare, including Moeran's grave, the point where he died, and the hotel where he lived.

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IV - Other Pictures - assorted characters and locations

All those pictures which add colour to the Moeran story - houses he lived and worked in, the locations that inspired him, the pub he and Warlock collaborated in, and more.

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