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We get to meet a number of people - "Munn the grocer" lived next door to Moeran and Warlock in Eynsford in the 1920's, and immortalised in Warlock's 'epitaph':

Here lies Warlock, the composer
Who lived next door to Munn the grocer,
He died of drink and copulation
A great discredit to the nation.

Dick Jobson, who features prominently in Lionel Hill's book Lonely Waters and was a great friend to Moeran in Herefordshire in the 1940's...

...a keen photographer, who inherited Jack's album of steam train photographs.

Pat Ryan, who played in clarinet on the 1942 premiere recording of the Symphony, and was a great friend of Jack's in Kenmare, Co Kerry, in the last years of his life.

The film takes in Moeran's wedding in 1945 to Peer's Coetmore...

...and their subsequent honeymoon in Peers' notorious Wolsley Hornet.

And finally to Moeran's demise in the Kenmare River, ending appropriately with Lonely Waters.

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