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Entire Website as of 11th October 2001 - click here (6.91 MB)


Site Sections

Self contained Adobe Acrobat documents containing all the articles in each section of the website - an essential reference library you can store on disc - last updated 11th October 2001.
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Biography - 1.34 MB
Chronology - 472 KB
Chamber Music - 456 KB
Orchestral Music - 1.05 MB
Solo Music - 759 KB
Vocal Music - 755 KB
Writing - 498 KB


Audio Files

Sonata for Two Violins (page):

1 - Allegro non troppo 5'53"
2 - Presto 4'02"
3 - Passacaglia 5'28"

Violin Concerto (page):

1 - Allegro Moderato 11'32"
2 - Rondo - Vivace 9'35"
3 - Lento 9'35"

Sinfonietta (page):

1 - Allegro con brio 7'09"
2 - Tema con variazioni 11'50"
3 - Allegro risoluto 7'24"

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More Adobe Acrobat Documents

Score: Piano transcription of Air from Serenade in G - click here (118 KB)

Article: British Music and the BBC (by Moeran) - click here (147 KB)
Article: Moeran in Eynsford (by Andrew Rose) - click here (250 KB)
Article: Folksongs and some Traditional Singers in East Anglia (by Moeran) - click here (139 KB)
Article: Moeran and the English Tradition (by Hubert Foss) - click here (138 KB)
Article: John Ireland as Teacher (by Moeran) - click here (139 KB)
Article: E J Moeran in Norfolk (by Barry Marsh) - click here (157 KB)
Article: Moeran by Warlock - click here (145 KB)


Other Files

E J Moeran Windows Screensaver - click here (2.74 MB)


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E. J. Moeran, known to his friends as "Jack", was one of Britain's greatest composers, and yet is now virtually unknown...