Moeran Chronology Part 6 - 1947 - 1950:
His Final Years

52 1947

January 6 Lunches with Lionel Hill at Swiss Cottage.
February 9 Broadcasts ‘Music Lover’s Diary’ for the BBC.
Works on the Cello Sonata.
March In The Mountain Country performed in Birmingham by George Weldon.
April In London working on the Cello Sonata.
April 17 Completes the Cello Sonata.
Soon afterwards, journeys to Eire.
May 9 First performance of the Cello Sonata, Dublin.
May 10-11 Stays with Julius Harrison in Malvern.
May 20 In Kenmare at the Lansdowne Hotel.
Long period of separation from Peers begins.
May 30 Further work on the Second Symphony.
Visits Denny Island and plans a Scherzo for orchestra, also a ‘movement for strings’.
June In Eire, working on the Second Symphony.
Mid-July attends Cheltenham Festival with Peers to hear Barbirolli and the Halle Orchestra perform the Violin Concerto with Laurance Turner as soloist.
Stays at Ledbury, ‘on holiday’ with Peers.
August 3 Accompanies Dick Jobson and Peers on a trip to the Malverns.
August 13-15 At Seer Green with the Hills. Attends a Prom performance of the Piano Rhapsody at the Royal Albert Hall. Late evening - journeys to Piltdown in Sussex with Peers.
August 22 Back at Seer Green with the Hills. Stays until
August 25 Overture To A Masque played at the Proms.
September 4 At 13 Harben Road Studio, Swiss Cottage. Lionel Hill visits. M. plays the Second Symphony to him on the piano.
September 7 Stays with Peers at Seer Green whilst the Hills are away. Works on, and completes short score of the Serenade in G.
October 19 Visits Seer Green with Peers.
October 22 Lionel Hill visits Swiss Cottage.
October 24+ In East Anglia with Maurice Brown recording folk songs for the BBC.
December 1 Lunches with Lionel Hill in Regent Street, London.
December 8 At the Wigmore Hall for a recital by Frederick Thurston. Supper with Humphrey Searle.
December 10 At the Royal College of Music.
Mid-December Visits the Hills at Seer Green. Hears Patrick Hadley’s ‘The Hills’.
December 23 At Ledbury with Peers.
December 31 Leaves for Eire.


Jan-mid June Lengthy stay in Kenmare.
Works extensively on the Second Symphony, and proofs of the Serenade in G.
Radio Eireann Orchestra broadcasts Lonely Waters and Whythorne’s Shadow.
June 28 In London for lunch with Lionel Hill.
July 1 Barbirolli and the Halle play Whythorne’s Shadow at Cheltenham Town Hall.
July 25 At Seer Green for the day.
Jul 31-Aug 2 Returns to stay at Seer Green. Goes out to Radnage in the Chilterns with Lionel Hill a propos buying a cottage.
August 2 Radnage cottage idea abandoned. Returns to London.
August 4 On holiday to Ledbury, then Central Wales with Peers.
August 12 Returns to Belsize Lane, London.
August 23 Peers away on Arts Council tour in Yorkshire.
August 24 At Chinnor in the Chilterns to look at another house. Abortive attempt at purchase. Evening: attends Prom to hear Rawsthorne’s concerto, also Elgar’s ‘Falstaff’.
Sept 1-2 attends rehearsals for the first performance of Serenade in G with LSO/Basil Cameron at a Prom in the Royal Albert Hall.
September 8 Gives talk ‘Musical Curiosities’ on BBC Third Programme.
1st wk Oct. Returns to Eire. Drinks heavily - suffers from intense depression, which leads to total breakdown of health.
December Brought to Cheltenham and treated by Dr.Hazlett. Finds lodgings at Park House West. Peers begins extended tour of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


February 7 Works on arrangement of The Jolly Carter for chorus, also collection of Songs from County Kerry.
February 8 stays at Seer Green with Lionel Hill.
February 9 In London at Royal Albert Hall for BBC SO rehearsal and concert of Symphony in G minor conducted by Boult.
February 10- In Cheltenham at Park Place.
March 18-19 Returns to stay at Seer Green.
April In Cheltenham. Works on Second Symphony.
May 10 Very unhappy with progress of Second Symphony. Goes to stay with brother Graham at Ledbury for few days.
Mid-May Returns to Cheltenham. Composes madrigal Candlemas Eve.
May 25 Stops work on the Second Symphony.
June 4 In London for a meeting with Jascha Heifitz about the Violin Concerto.
June 5 Returns to Cheltenham. Very hot weather; tries to work on the Second Symphony; records slow progress.
June 21 Following a letter from Peers in New Zealand, considers leaving England to live and work there.
July 26 At Ledbury. Work on the Second Symphony resumed.
August 16 Meets brother Graham at a cricket match in Cheltenham.
September 5 Disappears from Park Place. Goes to live with ‘Gordon’.
September 16 The Hills sell their house at Seer Green.
Mid Sept- end Nov. Disappears to Eire. Period of heavy drinking.
early Dec
Turns up in London. Lionel Hill sends money to help him. Suffers from neuritis.
December 15 arrives back at Ledbury in a bad way.
December 16 Examined by Doctor Groves.
December 22 Suffering from severe depression. Remains at Ledbury.

  1950 January 25 Stays with Hills at their new house - 4 Dawlish Road Brondesbury NW2. Attends concert at the Royal Albert Hall where Beecham conducts the Sinfonietta.
M. re-considers the structure of the Second Symphony.
1st wk Feb Leaves Ledbury for Dublin.
February 11 Contacts Larry Morrow at his Delgany cottage.
February 17 Visits Delgany again to make arrangements for living there. Researches into origins of Kerry folksongs.
February 22 Returns from Dublin to Ledbury.
March 5 At Cambridge for day with Patrick Hadley Spends night with the Hills in Cricklewood.
March 6 Goes with Hills to hear the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra play at the Royal Albert Hall.
March 7 Leaves England for the last time.
March 9 In Dublin staying at 125 Baggot Street.
March 11 Meets Seumas O’Sullivan.
March 12 Goes to live at Coolagad, Delgany, Co.Antrim.
Plans ‘The Oyle of Barley’ and sketches it out.
Mar 16-20 Works on the Second Symphony; walks in the mountains.
March 20 Writes to Peers for the last time.
Last wk Mar visits eye specialist in Dublin. Brain disorder diagnosed. Begins to drink heavily again. Leaves Coolagad suddenly; claims he has been robbed.
April 3 Contacts own family by wire from Dublin.
May 1 Contacts mother by wire.
June 16 Turns up in Kenmare, with a cripple from Dublin. Finds lodgings at The Lodge, Kenmare. Drinking ceases.
Late Summer Pat Ryan visits Kenmare. M. discusses Second Symphony with him.
Sept-Dec Remains quietly in Kenmare, listening to radio, giving some music lessons.
November 29 Spends the afternoon with the Moores.
November 30 With the O’Donnells for the evening. Retires to bed by 9.30.
December 1 Stormy weather in Kenmare. Stays in bed until early afternoon
4.00 pm: out walking on Kenmare Pier. Seen to fall into the water. Boat put out but M. is already dead when brought ashore..
December 2 Graham Moeran leaves for Kenmare. Inquest on M. opened.
December 3 Graham arrives in Kenmare. M. is buried in the Old Churchyard, Kenmare.

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