Moeran Chronology Part 2: 1925 - 1935:
With and after Warlock (AKA Philip Heseltine)

30 1925 Mid-January Heseltine moves to Eynsford, Kent. M. joins him.
March 20 Promotes second series of chamber music concerts at the Wigmore Hall. Accompanies John Goss in the first performance of Ludlow Town, and Winifred Small in the revised version of the Violin Sonata at Aeolian Hall.
June 13th First performance of revised version of Piano Trio at the Wigmore Hall. M. takes part as pianist.
July 20th Accompanies Heseltine to Grez to visit Delius.
Composes Bank Holiday and Summer Valley.
Asked by Harty to compose a symphony; begins work but soon abandons it. Shows Heseltine first sketches for Lonely Waters.

Writes Irish Love Song for piano, based on traditional Irish folksong
February Collaborates with Heseltine on Maltworms. Joins Shoreham (Kent) Amateur Dramatic Society.
June Writes Miniature Essay on Warlock (Heseltine). Warlock reciprocates with one on M. Collects further folk songs at The Pleasure Boat Inn, Hickling.
November 25 Harty conducts In The Mountain Country in Manchester.
Heseltine transcribes partsongs by Whythorne. M. makes first sketches for Whythorne’s Shadow.


M’s father moves to Laverton, near Bath. More folk song collecting at Sutton.
Writes The White Mountain for piano, based on traditional Irish folksong
September 20 The lease on the Eynsford cottage expires. M. returns to London.

  1928 March Julian Harrison conducts In The Mountain Country in Leeds.
October Goes to stay with Heseltine at Cefyn Bryntalch in Wales, then with Bruce Blunt in Hampshire.
  1929 Mid-Jan. Goes with Heseltine to visit Delius in Grez. Gets drunk in Brussels. (‘Old Raspberry’ episode). Loses score of Whythorne’s Shadow. Fails to meet Delius.
Composes Seven Poems of James Joyce.
2nd Delius Festival in London, organised by Heseltine, Fenby and Beecham.
September 13 First London performance of Second Rhapsody by Henry Wood.
September Motoring accident. Confined to bed at 11 Constitution Hill in Ipswich. Heseltine helps to nurse him.
35 1930 February Writes Canticles (Te Deum etc) at Ipswich.
May 12 Broadcasts on BBC Children’s Hour. First performance of specially written song, An April Evening.
Oct/Nov Works on String Trio, Sonata for 2 Violins.
November Seven Poems of James Joyce published. Party at Augustus John’s in London - first meets Peers Coetmore.
December 17 Death of Heseltine in London.
  1931 February Ipswich - writes article on John Ireland.
Begins to arrange Suffolk folk songs, and collects further at Coddenham.
First sketches for Songs of Springtime.
First performance of re-written score of Whythorne’s Shadow.
April Visits Lingwood, near Acle, where father is now vicar.
October 20 First performance of String Trio.
  1932 Six Suffolk Folk Songs published. Composes Farrago Suite at Lingwood.
  1933 Composes Berceuse for piano (Published in Two Pieces), and Four English Lyrics.
April 21 First performance and broadcast of Farrago.
Summer In Vienna. Hears Scherchen conduct the Adagio from Mahler’s unfinished 10th Symphony.
December 1 First broadcast performance of Songs of Springtime.
  1934 February Attends Hastings Festival for second performance of Farrago.
March 13 First public performance of Songs of Springtime at Aeolian Hall, London.
Spring In Co.Kerry, Eire, collecting folk songs. First new sketches for Symphony in G minor.
May Attends the first Irish performance of Farrago in Cork.
Returns to England. Finishes Four English Lyrics at Lingwood.
September 6 Prom performance of Farrago.
Commissioned by the Norwich Philharmonic Society to write a new work. First sketches for Nocturne made at Robert Nichols’s house in Winchelsea.
October 23 First performances of Sonata for 2 Violins, and Four English Lyrics, Westminster, London.

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