Moeran Chronology Part 2: 1918 - 1924:
First Compositions

23 1918 Attached to Transport Section, R.I.C. Bedfordshire Regt., at Boyle, Co.Roscommon, Ireland. First acquaintance with Ireland; visits Co.Mayo and Western Connaught.
Composes At The Horse Fair for piano; begins sketches for prelude In The Mountain Country.
Attends School of Aeronautics.
  1919 January Released from Army service. Returns to teach at Uppingham as Assistant Music Master. Rejoins school orchestra to play with 2nd Violins.
Completes Three Piano Pieces.
Summer Meets Arnold Bax in London for the first time.
25 1920 February 21 Rejoins RCM; studies composition with John Ireland.
Composes Theme and Variations for Piano, Piano Trio and song cycle Ludlow Town. Finishes work on In The Mountain Country.
Tours France and Spain with the author Robert Gibbings.
  1921 Composes String Quartet in A minor, ĎOn A May Morningí and Toccata.
April 2 Leaves RCM without completing the course - receives a III / I in Piano and a IV / III in composition.
Easter Wins the Gold Medal for competition in the London-Lands End motor cycle race.
September Composes piano piece Stalham River at Bacton.
October Active in Norfolk and Suffolk collecting folk songs at Sutton, Hickling, Potter Heigham and East Stoneham.
November 24 Conducts first performance of In The Mountain Country at RCM Patronís Fund Concert.
  1922 January Collects folk songs from Harry Cox at Potter Heigham.
Begins work on Violin Sonata, and Fancies for piano.
June 22 Conducts First Rhapsody at RCM Patronís Fund Concert.
  1923 January 15 promotes first series of chamber music concerts at Wigmore Hall. First performance of Three Piano Pieces by Harriet Cohen, also Violin Sonata and String Quartet in A minor. Meets Philip Heseltine (Peter Warlock) for the first time.
April 19th Conducts First Rhapsody at the Bournemouth Festival. First production of Deliusís opera ĎHassaní. Meets Jelka Delius.
October 1 Heseltine accompanies M. on folk song collecting trip to Sutton (Norfolk).
Winter Revises score of In The Mountain Country.
  1924 April 10 Returns to Bournemouth to conduct First Rhapsody at the 2nd Festival organised by Dan Godfrey.
Summer Further folk song collecting in Norfolk, Suffolk at Catfield, Hickling, Potter Heigham and Sutton. Augustus John with M. on at least one expedition to Winterton, also Heseltine.
Completion and publication of Six Norfolk Folk Songs.
Norwich Festival commissions Second Rhapsody.
September 9 Conducts First Rhapsody at the Proms.
November 1 First performance of Second Rhapsody in St. Andrews Hall, Norwich. King George V attends; M. shares the conducting with Vaughan Williams.
November 27 Hamilton Harty conducts the first Halle performance of In The Mountain Country.

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