Moeran Chronology Part 1: 1894 - 1917:
The Early Years

  1894 December 31 born Spring Grove Vicarage, Heston, Middlesex.
4 1898 Family moves to Peckham.

Family moves to Southsea.


Family moves to Salhouse Vicarage, Norfolk. M. attends Suffield Park Prep. School, Cromer. Begins violin lessons, teaches himself piano chords based on hymns heard in church

13 1908

July Leaves Suffield Park.
September Enters Lorne House, Uppingham School.


January joins school orchestra, playing 2nd Violin.
June wins Speech Day prize for Violin and Piano. Plays for house Under 16 Cricket Team

  1910 Summer member of House Under 16 Cricket Team again.

April becomes leader of 2nd Violins in school orchestra.
June wins Speech Day prize for Piano.

17 1912

forms own string quartet. First attempts at composition - 3 string quartets; sonata for cello and piano in 4 movements.
April 17 Attends Balfour Gardiner Concert in Queen’s Hall, London. Hears Vaughan Williams’s 2nd & 3rd Norfolk Rhapsodies.
July Final school concert. Plays in a piano trio, and as piano soloist.
Sept 26 Enters Royal College of Music, London. Studies Piano and Composition with Stanford; viola as a minor study.

18 1913 March 8 Attends second Balfour Gardiner Concert - hears Delius’s Piano Concerto, and Bax’s ‘In The Faery Hills’. Begins to collect first folk songs in Norfolk, after hearing ‘The Dark- eyed Sailor’ sung at Bacton.
May First extant composition Dance written at Bacton.
Nov 3 Attends first London performance of Elgar’s ‘Falstaff’.
December Writes second piano piece, Fields at Harvest at Bacton.
  1914 Sept 30 Interrupts studies at RCM for enlistment at Brittania Barracks, Norwich, as a dispatch rider in the 6th (Cyclist) Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment.
November Promoted to Lance-corporal.
  1915 June Commissioned as an officer with rank of 2nd Lieutenant.
July Collects folk songs at Winterton. Father builds Cliff House at Bacton.
21 1916

On active service in France.
mid-Summer composes 4 Songs from ‘A Shropshire Lad’.

  1917 Attached to West Yorkshire Regiment. Posted to Western Front.
May 3 Badly wounded by shrapnel at Bullecourt, France. Mentioned in dispatches.
July Promoted to Lieutenant.


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Orchestral Works

Violin Concerto
Cello Concerto
Serenade in G


First Rhapsody
Second Rhapsody
Second Rhapsody (revision)
Third (Piano) Rhapsody

Other Works

In The Mountain Country
Lonely Waters
Wythorne's Shadow
Farrago Suite
Overture to a Masque

Piano Music

Three Pieces
Theme and Variations
On a May Morning
Stalham River
Three Fancies
Two Legends
Summer Holiday
Bank Holiday
Irish Love Song
The White Mountain
Two Pieces

Piano Trio
Third (Piano) Rhapsody


Violin Sonata
Sonata for Two Violins
Cello Sonata

Oboe Music

Fantasy Quartet

Chamber Music

String Quartet No 1
String Quartet No 2
String Trio
Piano Trio
Fantasy Quartet
Cello Prelude