Piano Trio (1920-25) R6

The Piano Trio has been recorded but once, and I can only imagine that this took quite a bit of detective work as Geoffrey Self suggested in his book that scores were particularly hard to come by - especially from the publisher! This is a shame as this really is a remarkable piece of music, a real must-have for anyone interested in Moeran's chamber music output.

Joachim Trio
Published February 1999

We finish with the Piano Trio, Moeran’s grandest chamber work, first heard in 1921 (the A minor Quartet dates from the same year) but extensively revised for publication four years later. Cast in four movements, it is less distinctive than its companions (there are plentiful echoes of John Ireland, with whom Moeran was studying privately – and Ravel’s Piano Trio can be heard loud and clear in the Scherzo), yet in its heady lyrical flow the piece has much in common with such contemporaneous offerings as the Violin Sonata and the orchestral In the Mountain Country and the First Rhapsody. The Joachim Trio give a thoughtful, beautifully prepared rendering, and although Cantamen’s rival world premiere account on British Music Society is scarcely less passionate or accomplished than this newcomer, it is by no means as sympathetically captured by the microphones.

In summary, an enterprising, beautifully engineered and uncommonly generous anthology – and a release, I fancy, already destined for inclusion in my ‘Critics’ Choice’ come the year’s end.


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...Moeran’s grandest chamber work...