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Here is a collection of further reading and references. When any of these are made available at Moeran.com I will of course create the relevant links.

Articles published during Moeran's lifetime

1. Newcomers: E.J.Moeran (The Chesterian No.36 Jan 1924) p.124.

2. E.J.Moeran (by Peter Warlock: Music Bulletin June 1924)

3. E.J.Moeran - Edwin Evans (Monthly Musical Review Jan.1st 1930)

4. "E.J.Moeran - A Critical Appreciation" : Hubert Foss (Musical Times Jan 1st 1930)

5. "Moeran and the English Tradition" : Hubert Foss (The Listener July 2nd 1942.)

6. Extracts from "Is She A Lady?" : Nina Hamnett.

7. Extract from Augustus John Vol.2 ‘The Years of Experience’ : Michael Holroyd.

8. E.J.Moeran (by Patrick Hadley: BBC Home Service Broadcast Talk, May 5th, 1943.

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12. ‘Cavalcade’: ‘Notes on our Contributors - E.J.Moeran’ : August 1947.

13. Extract from ‘Why so Grum?’ : Gerald Cockshott (Musical Times July 1947.

Moeran's Obituaries etc.

1. Arthur Duff: E.J. Moeran (tribute on Irish Radio 2/12/50)

2. Various newspapers: 1/12/50 and 2/12/50 and 4/12/50 (reports) (link to Telegraph)

3. The Times 4/12/50 : " A Modernist with his roots in the past".

4. The Times 8/12/50 : article - "Music Nationalism - The End of A Chapter"

5. ‘Strad’ and ‘Canon’ obituaries December 1950.

6. Harold Rutland : RCM Magazine January 1951 issue.

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11. ‘Moeran Memorial Concert’ : review in Musical Times Jan.1952.

12. Douglas Kennedy: English Dance and Song Vol.15 No.5 March 1951.

Articles published after Moeran's death

1. Contemporary Portraits: No.11 ‘E.J.MOERAN’ : Alan Frank 1952

2. Musical Times (March 1955): ‘E.J.Moeran’s Recollections of Peter Warlock’ : Gerald Cockshott

3. ‘Composer’ (Autumn 1969): Warlock and Moeran Gerald Cockshott

4. ‘Plaque-ating The Muse’ (1969) : Kenneth Wright

5. ‘Music Magazine’ BBC Third Programme (29/12/70) : ‘E.J.Moeran’ Arthur Hutchings

6. R.T.E. Guide February 12th 1971: Moeran by Bill Skinner

7. The Irish Times: An Irishman’s Diary (Sat.February 12th 1971) ‘QUIDNUNC’

8. The Irish Times: An Irishman’s Diary (Tues.February 20th 1971) ‘QUIIDNUNC’

9. Introduction to ‘E.J.Moeran’/Stephen Wild (1973) by Peers Coetmore

10. Country Life (25/12/1975): ‘Impressions From Nature’ E.J.Moeran (1894-1950) Christopher Palmer

11. Norfolk Fair Magazine (May 1978): ‘In Loving Memory of a Norfolk Composer’ J.J.Malling

12. Radnorshire Society Papers (1970s): E.J.Moeran Wyndham S.Evans

13. Musical Opinion (February 1981): E.J.Moeran:Some Influences on his music Stephen Lloyd

14. Delius Journal (1983): ‘Sammons, Delius and Moeran’ Lionel Hill

15. Extracts from ‘Balfour Gardiner’ (1984) Stephen Lloyd

16. Norfolk & Norwich Triennial Festival Book (1985): ‘Bax, Moeran, Vaughan Williams and the Triennial’ Kevin Appleby

17. Classical Music (January 11th 1986): ‘Composer’s Advocate - letters to the British conductor Leslie Heward’ Lyndon Jenkin

18. The Melbourne Journal (undated) : The Music of E.J.Moeran Peers Coetmore.

19. Daily Telegraph (1986): MUSIC : ‘Life behind a watery death’ Michael Kennedy

20. Centenary article for 3 Choirs Festival brochure Hereford 1994: Barry Marsh

21. 1994 Norwich Festival book: ‘E.J.Moeran in Norfolk’ Barry Marsh

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There is not a huge body of work to go on. These are the references collected by Barry Marsh over many years of research.

Lifetime articles


Posthumous articles

There are also two books currently available:

Lionel Hill - "Lonely Waters"

Geoffrey Self - "The Music of E J Moeran"