Dedications of music by E. J. Moeran


Copyright Date / Title / Dedication

1921 R4c: ‘At the Horse Fair’ ARCHY ROSENTHAL

1923 R11: String Quartet in A minor DESIRE DEFAUW

1924 R13: Toccata ARCHY ROSENTHAL

1924 R24a: ‘Impromptu in March’ PHILIP WILSON

1925 R40: ‘A Dream of Death’ JOHN GOSS

1925 R45: ‘The Little Milkmaid’ HUBERT FOSS

1925 R42: ‘Troll the Bowl’ JOHN GOSS

1925 R46: ‘O Sweet fa’s the Eve’ JOHN GOSS and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet.

1925 R32: ‘Under the Broom’ JOHN GOSS

1925 R6: Piano Trio in D ANDRE MANGEOT

1925 R16: Rhapsody No. 1 JOHN IRELAND

1926 R47: Irish Love Song PETER WARLOCK

1926 R48: ‘Maltworms’ A.H. McDARELL

1927 R102: Dorset Sheepshearing Song ARNOLD DOWBIGGIN

1928 R34: ‘Christmas Day in the Morning’ ROBERT STERNDALE BENNETT

1928 R37: Summer Valley FREDERICK DELIUS

1928 R36: Bank Holiday GORDON BRYAN

1931 R61: ‘The Sweet o’ the Year’ JOHN ARMSTRONG

1932 R60a: ‘Nutting Time’ ROGER QUILTER

1932 R62: ‘Loveliest of Trees’ GEORGE PARKER

1932 R60: Six Suffolk Folksongs ROGER QUILTER

1932 R64: ‘Farrago’ Suite D.B. WYNDHAM LEWIS

1933 R66: ‘Ivy and Holly’ ARNOLD DOWBIGGIN

1933 R65: Alsatian Cradle Song ARNOLD DOWBIGGIN

1933 R54: Songs of Springtime ROBERT and NORAH NICHOLS

1934 R69: Four English Lyrics PARRY JONES

1934 R103: ‘The Lover and his Lass’ THE WYMONDHAM CHOIR

1935 R70: Nocturne ‘to the memory of FREDERICK DELIUS'

1935 R67a: Prelude FREDA SWAIN

1935 R27: ‘Lonely Waters’ R.VAUGHAN WILLIAMS

1935 R49: ‘Wythorne’s Shadow’ ANTHONY BERNARD

1936 R59: Trio in G THE PASQUIER TRIO
(MSS has pencilled in an initial intended dedication to Rebecca Clarke - it is not known why this was changed)

1939 R72: ‘Diaphenia’ HEDDLE NASH

1939 R73: ‘Rosaline’ PARRY JONES

1939 R75: ‘Phyllida and Corydon’ CONSTANT LAMBERT

1942 R71: Symphony in G minor HAMILTON HARTY

1942 R78: Violin Concerto ARTHUR CATTERALL

1943 R70: Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra HARRIET COHEN

1944 R80: Prelude for Cello and Piano PEERS COETMORE

1946 R85: Six poems by Seamus O’Sullivan VIOLET BURNE

1946 R84: ‘Invitation in Autumn’ PARRY JONES

1947 R89: Cello Concerto PEERS COETMORE

1947 R83: Sinfonietta ARTHUR BLISS

1947 R93: ‘Rahoon’ KATHLEEN FERRIER

1947 R90: Fantasy Quartet LEON GOOSSENS

1948 R92: Sonata for Cello and Piano PEERS COETMORE

1949 R82: Overture for a Masque WALTER LEGGE

1949 R30a: ‘The Sailor and Young Nancy’ (SATB) T.E.LAWRENCE and the Fleet Street Choir

1949 R35a: ‘The Jolly Carter’(SATB) T.E.LAWRENCE and the Fleet Street Choir

1950 R96: ‘Candlemas Eve’ The Cheltenham Male Voice Choir

1952 R95: Serenade in G GUSTAVE DE MAUNY


Dedications compiled by Barry Marsh

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