Exclusive Moeran CD
"A Gramophone Recital with E.J.Moeran"


Gramophone Recital cover

 String Trio:
 1 - Allegretto giovale - 8'29"
 2 - Adagio - 4'18"
 3 - Molto vivace - 3'10"
 4 - Andante grazioso - 5'30"

 5 - Diaphenia - 1'56"
 6 - The Sweet O' The Year - 0'48"

 Symphony in G minor
 7 - Allegro - 12'50"
 8 - Lento - 10'53"
 9 - Scherzo - Vivace - 5'02"
 10 - Finale - Lento - Allegro molto - 13'29"

 Total running time: 66'45"

No longer available - SOLD OUT!

The Worldwide Moeran Database is proud to announce a CD of brand new audio transfers of Moeran's excellent 78RPM recordings. Featuring fine performances from the 1940's this CD includes the taut String Trio, the majestic Symphony in G Minor and two delightful songs.

The performers - including the Hallé Orchestra under Leslie Heward, the fine tenor Heddle Nash, and members of the BBC Salon Orchestra, all bring great life and vitality to each of these works - indeed, after hearing the Symphony being recorded Moeran himself was to note "The Symphony has had such a performance as it never had before."

Using the latest digital technology to transfer at 24-bit and restore at 32-bit resolutions I have strived to elicit every nuance present in a fine, near-mint set of discs. My aim was not to eliminate every last bit of surface noise, which in my view is usually only to the detriment of the music, but to allow each performance to sing in its own right.

Or consider the praise these new recordings have received:

"The "Clean-up" process seems excellent and I have many other CDs of various composers that I
have bought and which do not have such clarity. It was a pleasure to spend an afternoon listening to the music.  More please....." (AP)

"What they do wonderfully reveal is the vigour and commitment of the performances. The short songs are a delight (we could do with many more!). So, thanks and congratulations on an excellent achievement." (JWS)

"...to release this with the quality of sound is a revelation. The energy released in this music amazed me - both the Trio and the Symphony, contrasted with some really beautiful music." (JT)

Read all about the restoration process here.


CD unavailable - hopefully a new release will be possible soon.
Please see Pristine Audio for more details about audio restoration.


Recordings restored by Pristine Audio

©2011 The Worldwide Moeran Database



This brand new CD is not available anywhere else!

Bringing together the vintage Moeran recordings for the first time ever on one CD!


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