Exclusive Moeran CD
"A Gramophone Recital with E.J.Moeran"


Gramophone Recital cover

 String Trio:
 1 - Allegretto giovale - 8'29"
 2 - Adagio - 4'18"
 3 - Molto vivace - 3'10"
 4 - Andante grazioso - 5'30"

 5 - Diaphenia - 1'56"
 6 - The Sweet O' The Year - 0'48"

 Symphony in G minor
 7 - Allegro - 12'50"
 8 - Lento - 10'53"
 9 - Scherzo - Vivace - 5'02"
 10 - Finale - Lento - Allegro molto - 13'29"

 Total running time: 66'45"

Lyrics to Songs


Diaphenia like the daffadowndilly,
White as the sun, fair as the lily,
Heigh ho, how I do love thee!
I do love thee as my lambs
Are belovèd of their dams:
How blest were I if thou would'st prove me!

Diaphenia like the spreading roses,
That in thy sweets all sweets encloses,
Fair sweet, how I do love thee!
I do love thee as each flower
Loves the sun's life-giving power;
For dead, thy breath to life might move me.

Diaphenia like to all things blessèd,
When all thy praises are expressèd,
Dear joy, how I do love thee!
As the birds do love the spring,
Or the bees their careful king;
Then in requite, sweet virgin, love me!

Words by Henry Constable (1562-1613)
Music dedicated to Heddle Nash



The Sweet O' The Year

When daffodils begin to peer,
With heigh! the doxy over the dale,
Why, then comes in the sweet o' the year;
For the red blood reigns in the winter's pale.

The white sheet bleaching on the hedge,
With heigh! the sweet birds, O, how they sing!
Doth set my pugging tooth on edge;
For a quart of ale is a dish for a king.

The lark, that tirra-lyra chants,
With heigh! with heigh! the thrush and the jay,
Are summer songs for me and my aunts,
While we lie tumbling, tumbling, tumbling,
While we lie tumbling in the hay.

Words by Shakespeare (The Winter's Tale, Act IV, Scene ii, c.1610)
Music dedicated to John Armstrong
Note - 4th line in third verse (in italics) is additional to Shakespeare's original text.

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Recordings restored by Pristine Audio

©2011 The Worldwide Moeran Database



This brand new CD is not available anywhere else!

Bringing together the vintage Moeran recordings for the first time ever on one CD!

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