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Some of the best Moeran recordings have either never made it onto CD or were released and deleted some time ago. Tracking down these recordings can be time-consuming, but the results are often worthwhile. To assist you in your search I've put together some of the more likely searches - just click on the links below to see the current, "live" results.


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What to look for

The most common and often desireable items are the Lyrita LPs recorded mainly in the 1970s. These are usually of exceptionally high quality, and were sold at quite a price premium at the time. The only duds in their catalogue were the Peers Coetmore cello recordings, which I personally find virtually unlistenable, due to the poor quality of the soloist's playing. However, on both LPs there is still sufficient B-side material to make the discs worth buying if that material interests you.

Another LP which pops up with a degree of regularity is the 1973 Neville Dilkes/English Sinfonia recording of the Symphony in G minor on EMI. In my expeirence this more regularly turns up as an American audiophile pressing on the Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs label. It's a great recording, the only real criticism being a certain lack of weight in numbers from the orchestra.

The other LP which occasionally rears its head is a mid-60's Concert Artist label recording of the Serenade in G by the Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra. For the same reasons as the Peers Coetmore discs this one is really for completionists and collectors only - not a great performance, I'm afraid!


Those Lyrita LPs in full:

RCS 3 - Piano works - Iris Loveridge, 1959 (mono)
SRCS 37 - Sinfonietta - London Philharmonic Orchestra, Boult, 1968
- Cello Sonata, Prelude, Piano works - Peers Coetmore, Eric Parkin, 1972 / (A side/B side)
SRCS 43 -
Cello Concerto, Rhapsody No 2, Overture for a Masque - Peers Coetmore, London Philharmonic, Boult, 1970 / (A side/B side)
SRCS 70 - Symphony in G Minor - New Philharmonia of London, Boult, 1975

SRCS 91 - Piano Rhapsody - John McCabe, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Braithwaite, 1977
SRCS 105 - Violin Concerto - John Georgiadis, London Symphony Orchestra, Handley, 1979

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