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E. J. Moeran stands as perhaps the greatest unsung genius of English composition. His music, often lost in the noise and hubbub of the 20th Century, is that of a uniquely beautiful lyricism, capturing feelings and rural landscapes in a way no other composer ever has.

This website brings Moeran to you in music, pictures and words, leaving no stone unturned in a dedicated quest to make Moeran's voice heard in the 21st Century.


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The Worldwide Moeran Database has been mothballed for some years now and information regarding available recordings is now out of date. For more information on current recordings we suggest a search at Amazon and other online music retailers.

The Sonata for Two Violins
Download the only known recording of this superb piece here!
A full professional recording direct from the 1981 master tapes.

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Sonata for 2 Violins (1930)Moeran's Music - Find out all about Moeran's compositions. Each section has a general introduction plus links to notes on each individual work, together with information on recordings, articles and reviews, and links to audio clips.
Notes are all written in an accessible style and aim to describe not just the music, but the feelings behind it, as well as the significance of each piece in Moeran's canon.


Moeran in the mid-1940'sMoeran's Life - Much has been written by and about Moeran down the years. Unfortunately much of this is long out of print, but thanks to the meticulous research and collection by Moeran historians these can now be accessed by anyone.
The Biography section brings all sorts of articles together dating back to the 1920s, while the Chronology is the best day-by-day record of Moeran's life yet gathered.


Jack and PeersMultimedia - Audio clips, entire works, film clips and photo galleries. A wealth of material to view or hear online, and more to download. Exclusives here include the only professional studio recording of the Sonata for Two Violins, a recent live performance of the Symphony, vintage recordings of the Violin Concerto and Sinfonietta and a full recording of Moeran's 1948 Irish radio interview with Eamonn Andrews. There are also details of the only TV documentary film ever made about Moeran.


Moeran portrait 1940'sResources - The real nitty-gritty lives here. Contact other Moeranites via the mailing list or the online forum, or search existing discussions for answers. See if your question comes up in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), download chunks of the site, check out the extensive links and background secondary figures in Moeran's life, and if all else fails, e-mail the editor!


Book by Geoffrey SelfShopping - If you want to build your collection, track down an elusive score or LP, or buy beautifully printed vintage photographs here's the place to look. Every Moeran lover ought to own the Essential CDs and the two books currently available.


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Concert info

Mon 23rd June 2003
Songs of Springtime
St Johns College (Cambridge) Choir
During Spitalfields Festival
Shoreditch Church London, 1930. Enquiries: 020-7377 1362

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Audio on this site

Exclusive CD
String Trio, Symphony, 2 Songs
Lovely vintage recordings in superb new digital restoration of forties 78 RPM discs.

Sonata for 2 Violins
World exclusive recording:
Download in full for free this 1982 studio recording!

Symphony in G minor

Live recording for download by Shrewsbury Orchestra in 2001

Vintage Moeran
Violin Concerto:
Albert Sammons plays with BBC SO under Boult in 1946

Beecham conducts London Philharmonic in 1947


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